Herbin’ Guerrila #2

Herbin’ Guerrila #2 / :10 / $1 / 20M / herbinguerrilla@graffiti.net / 

This zine is one of the first that I have read that actually paints recreational drug use (at least with pot) as something that is not totally antithetical to anarchism/other movements. Throughout the few zines I’ve read on the topic there seems to be either an ignorance of the fun one can have with weed or an outright evisceration of those who smoke or do drugs. There is definitely a straight-edge element in many of these zines that just does not find its way into Herbin’ Guerrila. In fact, Herbin’ Guerrila is so focused on smoking that a piece is given two pages that details different and economical ways to rock the ganj’. THe cover, “bike-jousting” in Wal-Mart is really an exposition about the lives of the authors. While it may be the case that all the writers for the zine are fighting capitalism on a daily basis, they do not (as so many others have) let themselves become jaded and sarcastic. Even if the pieces do not necessarily work (the comic featuring “The Mundane Lives of Commie & Cappie”), they are still infused with this idea of fun that will turn even the most dour revolutionary into someone that feels that they can make a difference and most importantly, have fun while destroying the state. The zine itself is a little short, but there is a high re-readability that will ensure that each time you sit down with it one can flip through it with much the same wonder as when it first came in the mail.

Rating: 7.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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