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Buzz! Junior Robo Jam (PS2) / 2007 Sony / /

A few days ago, we had the chance to review the latest release in the Buzz! Series of games, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz. This time, this is the first chance that we have had to review a game in the Buzz! Junior series of games. This is “Robo Jam”, and it allows individuals of all ages to have fun where Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz may have excluded some of the younger set. Individuals that may have hhad earlier iterations in the Buzz! Junior series (such as “Jungle Party”) will be pleased to know that there has been AI introduced into the game. This means that, if the child or individual does not have anyone to play with, they can play against the computer.

Individuals, whether they are playing alone or with friends or family members, have a number of different mini games that they can play. This means that the replay value of “Robo Jam” is high, and even if the individuals already have “Jungle Party”, there are a number of new additions to the game play. There is Pillow Fight, where individuals have to hit the button of the opposing robot’s color when the lights are switched on from a blank screen, Robot Throwing, where individuals try to throw a robot the furthest distance, and Basket Eye-Ball, where players first have to time a jump (by hitting their buzzer) and then shooting accurately a ball (again, by hitting the buzzer). There are two other mini-games, Octo Beat and Bug Blast, which combine with the other mini games to make for a compelling game that keep children and older kids alike away from the more violent type of game. While there is not too much in the way of educational content in this game, this will still do nicely for a sleepover type of situation.

What I would like to see in future Buzz! Junior games would be a marriage of the mini-game style of “Robo Jam” and the more intellectual aspect of the “big” Buzz games. If this can happen, one could see more crossover of the two target audiences of the series, and this would only ensure that the games get more in the way of play. Still, this is a great game, and it is priced at a level that will allow individuals to purchase it without having their bank account hit heavily. Pick this game up.

Rating: 7.4/10

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