Extra Life Set to Release Full Album, Evolved From Previous Acts

EXTRA LIFE is the new band led by New York-based guitarist/vocalist Charlie Looker [member of ZS and Ocrilim, ex-Dirty Projectors].While the music retains some of the heady instrumental abstraction of his work in ZS, EXTRA LIFE moves into a far more melodic song-based realm. The compositions are still epic, complex and aggressive, yet with a lush, personal, dramatic spirit; dark, heavy avant chamber pop with a cold Gothic beauty echoing that of Medieval chant. In addition to Looker’s voice and guitar, the band includes Tony Gedrich [bass, member Archaeopteryx], Ian Antonio [drums, member ZS], Travis Laplante [keyboard, tenor saxophone, member Little Women] and Caley Monahon- Ward [violin, member Nat Baldwin band].

Begun in fall 2006 as Looker’s solo project, EXTRA LIFE has done a three week tour of the East Coast and the South, as well as numerous performances in the New York area. EXTRA LIFE has shared bills with First Nation, Child Abuse, Dan Deacon, Deer Tick, the Dead Science, Castanets, Parenthetical Girls, the OhSees, Craig Wedren, Nat Baldwin, Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities, and others. In February and March 2008, EXTRA LIFE will do its first tour as a full band, four weeks around the U.S. In fall 2006 EXTRA LIFE released a three song CDR EP on the FNA Show Releases label, curated by ZS. This release features an earlier line-up and a more subtle minimal sound. On May 6, 2008 EXTRA LIFE will release its true debut studio release, the full-length CD Secular Works on the Planaria Recordings label. Later in 2008, EXTRA LIFE will release a solo acoustic guitar CD EP as well as a split 7-inch with Nat Baldwin, both on the Sockets label.

“Extra Life is killing New York City – Charlie Looker, of ZS, basically destroys a guitar beautifully and sings Gregorian chants. “Destroy” is a strong word. It’s more like making violent love to an appreciative six-string woman while serenading her with soaring modal lullabies” – Josh Milrod, Dracula Trap blog

“Some of themost advancedmusical ideas in New York – complex amalgams of noiserock, modern classical, Medieval music and what have you. Just unbelievably extreme but in ways you’ve never thought of… the tone and sound were just massive – gleaming, metallic – scary and flawlessly executed. Can’t wait to hear more of this shit.” – Hank Shteamer, darkforcesswingblindpunches blog

“Mantric guitar and voice piece with laser-like focus. [Looker’s] aesthetic sometimes suggests a futuristic refraction of the blues.” – Time Out New York

“Scarily focused and ruthlessly complex in a postprog sort of way, but it also flirts with a dark, sumptuous art-pop vibe. The end product is relentless, enveloping and frequently gorgeous.” – Time Out New York

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