Love, Your Marathon #3

Love, Your Marathon #3 / :15 / $1 / Half-Sized / 32 Pages / 

This zine by Sarah Elizabeth Michaels is a poetry-filled romp with strong background images that really emphasize the ignorance by the world of Sarah’s feelings. The pieces that ey actually modified are the strongest, such as the x-ed out heart in the middle of the zine, with its only companion being the line twice-repeated: “it is/is it possible to live without bitterness and fear and hate”. The all-poetry slant of the zine really hides what Sarah is saying at times, but ey is really pointed at those other times. While individuals can spend 40 or 80 pages talking about specialized events, Sarah can couch things in a certain way that can pull at an individuals heartstrings like no other, even if the individual is not absolutely sure about what ey is talking about. We are then left with a very existential magazine in Love, Your Marathon, and it approaches the problems of adolescence in a way that is not traditional in the least, but done in such a way that individuals will be able to go and make ties with it. Sarah also gets special kudos for going and changing up the fonts to more than adequately match with the emotions that are being expressed. The fonts are a little bit common, being available at all the free

Rating: 5.6/10

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