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To say that Trakboss loves music would be an understatement. It’s an affection that cannot be described in words. Music runs in his blood. Chris “Trakboss” Hartzol was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. He was able to avoid falling into the trap of the streets by staying focused on making something of himself. Although he lived for music, he always treated it as a hobby. Until his years in high school, the idea of a career in the music industry didn’t really cross his mind.

After performing and winning his high school’s talent show during his freshman year, Trak began to consider a career in the music business as a hip-hop artist. Not wanting to follow the norm and record over already used beats, he began creating his own original tracks using the popular digital audio workstation FL Studio. He had discovered a new, astonishing talent in music production.

Trak later made the decision to put the mic down and put all of his energy towards a career as a music producer and song writer. He educated himself in basic music theory, enhanced his skills in sequencing midi instruments and synthesizers, and has developed “an ear” that allows him to properly review, mix, and master his tracks. He has had the pleasure of working with many talented artists including Knocout, Jus Love, Dark Soul, J. Black, Sam Dew, JMC, and Lil’ Lumpy. Along with producer Lu-E-J, Trak also co-produced and mixed Whitney Young Sounds, Whitney Young High School’s first studio-recorded album featuring original songs written and performed by the students.

After supplying bangers for other artists, Trak recently decided to pick back up the pen and pad and return to the mic. He recently finished the production of his debut EP Let The Hate Begin, which is due in April 2008 on Trakboss’ own Creative Grind Entertainment. “This is really going to be an album to showcase my production skills”, says the 20-year-old producer/rapper. “But, at the same time I’m letting everyone know that I can be a beast on the mic, too.” This double threat is on his way to making a powerful impact in the music industry. Trakboss is truly an unearthed diamond waiting to get his deserving shine.


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Author: James McQuiston

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