Unicycle Loves You Set To Release New Album in June

Unicycle Loves You was formed in the Summer of 2006 in Chicago by Jim Carroll (vocals, guitar), Jon Pollock (guitar, vocals), and Nicole Vitale (bass, vocals); practicing a variety of songs Jim had previously recorded solo under the moniker Unicycle. Shortly thereafter, Adam Labrada (keys, harmonica) and J.T. Baker (drums) were added to the roster and the band played their first show in November 2006.

Unicycle Loves You

Unicycle founder Jim Carroll crafts tunes and lyrics that can be simultaneously dark and toe-tapping. Hear a Unicycle song once and discover it has burrowed into your frontal cortex. Jon Pollock, after just a few mega-calorie-burning minutes on stage, has the appearance of a hallucinating shaman emerging from a sweat lodge. Nicole Vitale, Baker, and Labrada provide a percussive wall of often bouncy, always novel punk driven beats that buoy three-part harmonies and conjure up tuneful artifacts of pop evolution from 1958-2008.

Previous Praise for Unicycle Loves You:

The lighthearted sound that garnered them immediate praise in the blogosphere has wisely retained its original whimsy with the help of tambourines and clapalongs, while steadily increasing in complexity and sophistication.
– SN, Flavorpill

Chicago quirk-quintet Unicycle Loves You is fun, fast-paced, catchy and incredibly unique. Their music combines the sensibility of the 50s, 60s, and 80s rock music so smooth and painlessly that you have to wonder if they might be mad musical geniuses.
– FE, Yerp

They have the swagger and songs to make a solid niche for themselves in the Chicago music scene.
– RO, Radio Free Chicago

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