Punk Rock Loser #1

Punk Rock Loser #1 (Free, No address / Rejectone@aol.com) (For Jersey Beat)

This is what a zine should really be. A collections of pieces that a musician and journalist has collected for a number of years, and just dumped into print. While there is a lot of white space on each page (Jimmy divides each piece into its own section, as a result, some pieces have about 2/3rd of a page just blank. The themes in this magazine are constant and referred to over and over; Leif Garrett, G.G. Allin, and Jimmy’s old band Dimestore Haloes. Jimmy’s writing style is the same through the zine : the pieces that he tries to sell to magazines are pretty formal and seem more like an assignment than a labor of love, while his other pieces are tinted with the craziness that addiction has imbued on Jimmy himself. By far, the thing that informs me the most about Jimmy is the listing of his essential album, which includes a number of different bands in different genres, from the Dead Boys to the Saints to G.G. Allin and Duran Duran. There are absolutely no graphics to this zine beside the front and back covers, and I wonder if any pictures would have actually thrown off the driving force of each and every piece. In fact, Punk Rock Loser is even punk/DIY enough to not give a shit whether people see the html code on each and every piece he stole from a website he wrote for.

Rating : 6.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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