66 Thousands Miles Per Hour #0

66 Thousands Miles Per Hour #0 / :14 / 36M / $5.50 / PO Box 974, New Brunswick, NJ 08903 / http://www.66thousandmilesperhour.com / 

Very professionally done comic, almost at the level of production say of Gloomcookie or some of the Marvel titles. The style is bordering on cartoon rather than the graphic comic style of say The Dark Knight Returns or Sandman. Looking at times like something that would come out of the Justice League/Superman stable of WB artists. A mite bit confusing, but this is really setting the stage for the follow-up issues, only allowing for the slightest bit of story to be told. Girl works at a carnival, gets shocked in this issue. The side stories keep the readers from getting bored in the slightest. The story is well written, if not a little scattered-seeming with all that is introduced in this issue. What could also present a problem is the high price of this issue – at $5.50 a pop, I can’t imagine too many people wanting a normal-sized comic with a normal type of story, especially with the average-ness of this issue. Perhaps if this issue were more average price (say, $3) for an issue this size, I could more heartily recommend it. Don’t get me wrong, the story is well done, the style is quirky but not mediocre, and the story holds a great deal of potential. I may suggest 66KMPH when the story gets rolling, but right now, the loose ties are too numerous to merit spending nearly twice of the price of a normal comic. Here’s to hoping the actual #1 answers some questions and furthers the story.

Rating : 5.1/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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