Pony Luv (DS)

Pony Luv is a game for anyone that wanted a pony but did not have the time, funds, or land with which to properly raise a pony. This Nintendo DS game, published by Aspyr (http://www.aspyr.com), give players the chance to take on the role of caring for ponies of six distinct species (Chincoteague, Dartmoor, Dales, Connemara, Fell, and Welsh Mountain). Players will have to buy a number of additional materials, whether it be shampoo, brushes, or toys, to ensure that the pony that they have chosen is happy and healthy.

After players have these accessories, they can then begin to teach their pet all of the different tricks – trotting, cantering, saluting, and the like – to garner great scores whenever players ultimately bring their pets forward to competitions or races. The game itself is priced at a value level – the MSRP is $19.99 – ensuring that practically all parents and other interested individuals will be able to purchase the game. Instead of ending with just the game, Aspyr has provided a bonus – a sticker sheet that will allow players to properly adorn their DS – for anyone that ends up buying Pony Luv. While the typical individual that will likely buy Pony Luv will be a pre-pubescent female, there are some good reasons why all individuals of that age set should purchase Pony Luv. The game teaches responsibility to anyone that picks it up, and the sheer effort of raising a pet is shown through the regimen that players have to go through to ensure that their pony is the best that it can conceivably be.

Despite the low price point for Pony Luv, Aspyr and developer Gogii Games have done a great job in ratcheting up the graphics to a point that there is significant differentiation between the different breeds that one can choose from, as well as between the different competitions and missions that players will have to go through. If you have a child or relation in this age bracket, or you yourself always wanted to get a pony but (for whatever reasons) could not, make sure to pick up Pony Luv for the Nintendo DS. A PC version is also available, for those players that do not have that portable. Congrats to Aspyr for stepping forth with a pet simulation game that has some serious substance to it. The game came out July 7th and should be at a video game or department store near you.

Rating: 7.8/10

Pony Luv (DS) / 2008 Aspyr / http://www.aspyr.com /

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