Seattle Songstress Sue Bell Rings Live With ‘Only Love’ in Mind Throughout the Northwest This Summer

Attention is given as radio host in Miami, Florida, Ed Blanco of 88.9FM, calls Sue Bell ‘Seattle’s songbird’ and a ‘terrific jazz vocalist’

After a very successful show celebrating the completion of her newest project “Only Love” at Seattle’s premier club Jazz Alley, Sue Bell can be heard and seen in other local venues this summer delivering songs from that recording and others.

From a serene romantic atmosphere on the green, spend a starlit night listening while dining. Perhaps an intimate wine bar is what you like … a fun couple of hours relaxing as you escape after work into one of Lincoln Square’s vibing venues or an evening enjoying the music as you indulge yourself with some of the best Italian food around. Whatever you fancy, don’t miss out!

Sue Bell’s celebrated project “Only Love” is being released for public sale soon. Backing her on this CD are the finest jazz musicians known to the Seattle area and some throughout parts of the world.

Michael Perry, MusiciansReview, writes:

“Sue Bell is a jazz vocalist from Seattle, Washington. She is proof that the area produces some of the best musicians in the industry.

“The integrity of her talented vocals is sure, and the selections are flawlessly executed; from soft, flowing, emotion triggering songs to quick-pulsed, swinging tunes that make your feet move almost involuntarily.

“Getting down to it, Sue Bell is fresh and at the same time, familiar. Her versatility is apparent, and she has shown that in the different selections on the CD. A lovely collection of music by a lovely and talented vocalist this project gives the listener a reason to keep listening.”

Ed Blanco, eJazzNews, writes:

“Seattle songbird Sue Bell sculpts a new album of fourteen standard love songs. A fixture in the Seattle jazz scene, Bell has performed and recorded with some of the premier jazz musicians in the Pacific Northwest, many of whom appear on this disc.

“Bell delivers a sensuous performance on the romantic ‘Too Late Now,’ then the lady picks up the pace on the short but buoyant burner ‘Exactly Like You.’ Other tunes containing a measure of swing here are ‘Let’s Get Away From It All,’ and ‘You Can’t Loose A Broken Heart.’

“Sue Bell’s ‘Only Love’ provides heartfelt interpretations of beautiful love songs delivered in a light jazzy fashion. Her sweet vocal style seems perfect for inspiring the romantic feelings you want to convey in voicing warm and gentle jazzy love songs, as she does here.”

Harvey Siders, Emmy Award-winning producer/composer, and known jazz critic for Down Beat Jazz Times and The Tacoma Tribune, writes:

“The most versatile tool in her vocal arsenal is that voice. Sue Bell is blessed with a wondrous, sensitive instrument that can transform ballads into tear-provoking poetry. Her low register is warm, occasionally smokey, and very inviting, with her upper register sounding extremely plaintive.

“So many little things pleased me about this album. The medley at the end is so appropriate … good enough to be a single.”

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