Skyscraper #23

Skyscraper #23 / $4 / 124M / 2:00 / /

Skyscraper is solid. In each issue, there are always pieces that the magazine conducts with larger artists, more up and coming artists, and other related pieces to keep individuals interested. This time, the large acts include The Rapture, The Blood Brothers, and Erase Errata, where the more up and coming acts are Wires on Fire and Captain Ahab. Individuals that pick up this zine will also be treated to a history / interview with the band Endpoint, who I was not familiar with before picking up this issue (they were an influential hardcore act). Moast interesting in this issue is the piece that is written about “DIY All Ages Music Spaces”, which has quotes from a number of individuals that help run or are otherwise tied to houses or spaces that hold show,s places like Pittsburgh’s Mr. Roboto Project. The magazine does provide readers with a lot of information, and for the $4 price, learning about a number of cutting-edge independent acts is well worth it. The copious amount of well-written reviews puts this magazine over the hump from being merely an average magazine and into the realm of impressive music zines that just need to be read. Skyscraper has been bashing out solid issue after solid issue for quite a few times now, so it may just be the time to cancel the Spin or Circus subscription and get upped for a year of Skyscraper goodnesss. Give it a spin if you are able to find it locally, or order a sample copy from the website.

Rating: 6.7/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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