Team Genius Set To Rule World With New EP

“Team Genius makes great scratchy and nerdy indie-pop from the Midwest. These kids are making music fun again by making silly songs that are instantly catchy, yet filled with tons of heartfelt lyrics that soar in your ear all day long (check out “Handclaps In E Major” for the perfect example). With all of the large influx of bands trying too hard, it is good to hear a band having a good time again, while still making good songs.” – Crashin’ In – 4/5 Stars

“Team Genius’ EP is worth some notice. Yes it’s just an EP but this EP is super duper fun and worth some major hype… This band may be unheralded until they release a full release but I see this band coming up with great things…” – Allan’s World


There’s something distinctly retro about Team Genius’ sound and the way it makes you nostalgic for awkward middle school birthday parties. The band’s earnest poppy sound resonates of the Ohio heartland and its infectious beats leave the crowd dancing. Team Genius has recently immortalized their nail-biting, awkward-kid-you-sat-next-to-in-Algebra-class anti-scene in their new music video to the song “I’m Just An Idiot.” Watch it HERE. After self-releasing the EP Hooray, Team Genius is ready to get the gears moving on some new projects – namely a full-length slated for release in the fall.

Here’s the inside scoop on the new album from lead singer Drew Hermiller: “We’re very, very excited about it. We’re piecing together the recording at a studio in Bushwick, NY with a great engineer/producer named Justin Coletti and then taking care of overdubs and mixing with a friend in Park Slope (Matt Filler of the band Monacle on Hidden Shoal Records.) We’ve got about three tunes finished and several others somewhere in the process. We’ll eventually have about 12 to 13 total. I’ve always been a pretty schizophrenic songwriter so I’m letting myself go in that direction a little more and the album is shaping up to have a good deal of variety. I’d been thinking about it for a while now and I don’t know of too many albums that attempt a lot of different sounds but that is what everyone ends up listening to when they dial up stuff on their iPod. We’re keeping up with the layered multi-instrument sound that was prevalent on some of the EP but trying to make sure retain some of the pop smarts and songwriting logic. We’ve got a number of friends playing on it and just welcomed a new member named Rebekah Allen, a lovely gal who specializes in trumpet and accordion. In addition to those fine instruments, the album is featuring a whole circus of noise makers- mandolin, violin, viola, cello, melodica, harmonica, flute, sax and vocoder.”

Team Genius is also scheduling some dates on the east coast for the summer including several upcoming shows in the NYC and Brooklyn area. Be sure to catch the band’s geeky bravado live and in anticipation of the new record (we’ll unleash the first single on you soon!), and check out an additional track from the Hooray EP – “Handclaps in E Major” (MP3).


“These Midwestern transplants first caught my ear as a trio under the name G-Whiz. Now grown to a quintet and certifiably a Brooklyn band (i.e. they’re quirky and have lived in NYC over a year,) Team Genius defies Greenpoint trendiness by eschewing dance grooves, angst, and alienation for a folksy, sunny, Pop-Americana sound . Frontman Drew Hermiller’s uninhibited vocals yip and yelp with an abandon that recalls those early Lower East Side acid-folk bands like The Fugs and Holy Modal Rounders, who were inventing punk with banjos and kazoos without realizing it. Hermiller’s zaniness is leavened by his bandmates, who layer well-structured harmony vocals, synths, handclaps, and guitars into these pretty (if sometimes pretty weird) indie-pop songs.” – Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

“I’m hearing immediate comparisons to Sunset Rubdown and I like it! … a solid all-around song that I think a lot of you will like.” – Pop Tarts Suck Toasted on “Sing Song”

“I hadn’t heard of them before, but based on the strength of these tracks that won’t be the case for long! Akin to The Thermals playing Moldy Peaches and Arcade Fire tunes. Definitely an interesting listen!” – I Work At Initech

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