Eagles of Death Metal Hit The Road For New Album!

in 2004, Eagles of Death Metal launched their wholesome good-graciousness with Peace, Love, and Death Metal, followed in 2006, by the diabolical Death By Sexy. In October 2008 EODM unleash Heart On. Speculators are speculating that the Dream Boy Duo of dance and prance will bring home Olympic Album Gold once again. The EODM formula for fantastic is humm…let’s see…that’s one part Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes, one part Joshua “Babyduck” Homme. Stirred and served chillllled in a tall glass of class. It goes down smooth every time. The latest creation from the EODM, Heart On, will unleash October 28th on Downtown Recordings.

The first track, “Anything ‘Cept The Truth,” gives everything an EODM ear could desire, PLUS the truth… that’s real talk honey. “Wannabe in LA” paints a perfect picture of the So Cal-locale, palm trees, sun, fun, and of course buns. Followed by the one, two, three puncheroo, “High Voltage,” “Secret Plans,” “Now I’m a Fool,” etc. engorges Boots Electric and Babyduck’s soundtrack for Heart On hedonism. “High Voltage” has the most infectiously grimy groove ever laid to tape. “How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone” features guitars that buzz like a bee and sing like…me.

The Tag Team Supreme bring along a wild bunch-o-bandits for the ride, including Miss Kat Von D, Brian “B.O.C.” O’Connor, Darlin’ Dave Catching, Alain Johannes, Troy Van Leeuwen, Brody “Queen Bee” Dalle, and Kim “Koko Bubbles“ Martinelli. The album does not disappoint. The hits are hot and music is magic. Heart On stands ‘firm.’ Also a must-we-mention the co-headline tour with the Hives. Not to worry, a full suited & booted, hand crafted EODM world tour will button-up closer to album launch. In the interim, these dates are surely not to miss. So don’t miss. See ya’ in September.

01. Anything ‘Cept the Truth

02. Wannabe in LA

03. (I Used To Couldn’t Dance) Tight Pants

04. High Voltage

05. Secret Plans

06. Now I’m a Fool

07. Heart On

08. Cheap Thrills

09. How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone

10. Solo Flights

11. Prissy Prancin’
12. I’m Your Torpedo

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Eagles of Death Metal Tour Dates

All Dates are With The Hives except *

9/21 Anaheim, CA The Grove

9/22 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre

9/23 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre

9/24 Los Angeles, CA Mayan

9/25 Los Angeles, CA Mayan

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