Cool and Phat 3/5/99

Cool and Phat Concert on March 5th 1999

This place is going to be the next Gilman St., I swear. A free concert every friday night, and a band can sign up at a moments notice. The concert runs from 7 till 11 o’clock on Friday Nights, and it seriously brings a breath of fresh air into the boring city of Lancaster. The shop is located on 314 N. Columbus Street. This page will review the concert on March 5, 1999. The concert that night consisted of 8 bands that i hadnt heard until that night. In order the bands that played were Unconformed (Crappy Tool-Like Metal), Curbside Soul (Soul), Transparent Orange (College Rock), Last Tears (Punk Rock), The Crankers (Punk), Groove (Jazz Metal), Betty + Brother (Spoken Word), and Psychobabble (Catholic Punk).

Unconformed – This was their debut concert. I cant say i caught all of it, since i got there at 7:20, but they were not very good at all. They started out decent with a cover of the Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop”, but they droned on and on with a shitty instrumental metal song.

Rating 4.0/10 Curbside Soul – Very Soulful guy with a acoustic. He went through a few very good songs, and was so good i dont know how to catagorize him correctly. His cd can be picked up at Cool and Phat.

Rating 7.5/10Transparent Orange – This was the guy that was Curbside Soul and 2 other guys. The funny thing was, the band did without drums for the first half of the concert, and then went without a bassist for the rest. And all of the music sounded great. The bassist/drummer had no shoes on. The band sounds mostly like Dr Bombey, which is now ancient chinese secret, and Johnson. This would be great lounging around music.

Rating 7.5/10Last Tears – This band is from Newark and they kick royal ass. The drummer in this band is a fucking spastic,as he was hitting the drums like a fucking madman. They covered a few Social Distortion songs at the end. The fucking bad thing about this band is that they didnt play long enough. The good thing is that i will hear them again at the Battle of the Bands on April 9th.

Rating 8.0/10 The Crankers – This band played for like 10 minutes, so this review will be short. They were really fucking good and they were pretty cool to talk to. The fact that they couldnt play their last song pissed every body off, so they should be coming back hopefully. They just became a band a few months ago. Kudos to them for playing the Ramones Chinese Rock.

Rating 8.5/10Groove -These were Jazz style rock, and i am friends with a step daughter of a member of the band.They played pretty weird music, with alternating hard and light parts. Their guitarist was amazing ,pulling off a great solo on a song midway through the show. I wouldnt mind seeing these guys again.

Rating 6.0/10Betty and her brother – Too bad that i couldnt hear the girl speaking over all the ignorant jackasses in the store. The part i heard was great. She was reading from a fairy book, and it provided this weird atmosphere. Just great

Rating 6.5/10 Psychobabble -This is horrendously bad skapunk. What makes it worse is that i expected better from them. I mean, how much shit do you have to be before you write a song about your fucking high school. This is wrong, and the covers that they did ( Anarchy in the UK, Blitzkrieg Bop,God Save the Queen, and Last Caress) were bad too. You dont have half your set being covers.

Rating 2.0/10

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