Twenty-Eight Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine #8

After not hearing anything about 28PLBWT for quite a few months, I got a package in the mail from Christoph, which included this issue of the zine. Overall, I would have to say that #8 really even tops #7, in the quality and interest level of the pieces that were in this issue. One thing that really shocks me though it’s the excellent handwriting of Christoph – the entire table of contents is rendered in this minute, beautiful script and I honestly wonder how someone can be so consistent with one’s hand. Anyway, this issue starts out with the discussion about how Christoph’s computer died, deleting pretty much all of the material ey had for this issue – Christoph here uses an excellent metaphor, likening the death of eir’s computer to a suicide attempt. Next in the parade of solid hits would be the discussion of the local drive-thru, as well as the local rivalry game in football. While these articles are about things that have been covered time and time again, the simple fact here is that these are things that one can find in every single small town – and as a member of a small town, I can really draw parallels from Lancaster to Knox County. Christoph also blesses us with another of eir’s fabulous mini-comics, this time being “The Tale of Pasghetti and Meat Bulb”. Finishing off this amazing issue is the detail of two individuals, in a form not unlike that of the Great American Heroes radio promotion series that Budweiser was running, in “Hometown Heroes.” In this, Christoph covers “Denny the Copy Guy” and “Ed Simms and His Filth-Sucking Wondertruck”. Overally, the zine has very few in the way of low points, and I can only imagine that subsequent issues of 28PLBWT will be even a higher level than the last two issues I’ve reviewed.

Rating : 8.2/10

Twenty-Eight Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine #8 / 28 Pages / Half-Sized / Christoph Meyer, PO Box 106, Danville, OH 43014 / $2 [trade, too] / Reviewed 22 September 2003

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Author: James McQuiston

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