All Star Cheer Squad (Wii)

The amount of customization that players can have in All Star Cheer Squad is simply fantastic. Of course, players can go forth and create their own hairstyle, hair color, and countless other features about themselves, but the ability for players to choreograph cheer routines is on par with a Smackdown vs RAW or similar title. Do note that the routines that are learned in the game are not just unrealistic ones created by the programmers at THQ, but rather have been laboriously created and perfected by well-known (in the cheer industry) individual Tony G.

Despite not being at the cutting edge graphics-wise, THQ has done well to really create a realistic flow and feel to the title that will have players coming back for more. The party atmosphere that has been crafted for the Wii as a console is continued through All Star Cheer Squad, as up to four players can play the title at once, virtually ensuring that this will be THE sleepover title to play in 2009. Rather than merely porting this title over from another console, THQ has ensured high compatibility with the Wii and its peripherals (the box touts that it is compatible with the Wii Balance Board). Our use of the board with this title provides much the same conclusion; actions are translated well, with no delay or other nagging issues.

Even if players do not typically like cheering, the amount of fun that players will get from this title will ensure that, even after the kids are asleep, everyone else in the house will be wanting to play All Star Cheer Squad. I would have to say that even fans of the Dance Dance Revolution series will be able to stick with the game, as they wait for the next title in that line to be released. I may have gotten an email blast linking this title to the upcoming Super Bowl, but All Star Cheer Squad does not need – it stands well on its own well-defined legs. Pick the title up; it is a shining release on a Wii console that still does not have as many good games as one would expect.

Rating: 8.6/10

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