All Tomorrow’s Party – Yoo Doo Right, Yoo Doo Slide (CD)

The opening “Sympathy For The Junkies” is a challenging track to put right at the front of the CD. Luckily enough, Tetsuro Kitame (the leader of the band) is able to construct interesting guitar lines and arrange them in such a way along with the drums to keep individuals interested for the six-plus minute runtime of the track.

The track, which is essentially the equivalent of a jam session, really does let individuals realize the diverse style of the band, as All Tomorrow’s Party creates a much more traditional (if not overly-distorted) track in “Love Can Bring You Down”. The way in which the guitars are played/arranged seems to be pretty much the only holdover from the disc’s first track, as the other pieces of the band really make themselves visible here (for example, a bassist and Tetsuro’s vocals reveal themselves during this go-around.) In what is the musical equivalent of a train wreck, the increasing distortion that swallows up the middle section of “Lover Can Bring You Down” really comes out of the blue and makes any listener unsure of what will happen not only between tracks but during the tracks themselves. While there seems to be a lot of work done by Tetsuro regarding simplistic guitar lines, “Cracked” really begins to show listeners the diverse and nuanced sound that is ey capable of. This is not just differing arrangements, but incredibly complex arrangements which first seem to be working against the rest of the band, but after repeated listenings show themselves to be difficult additions to the general sound of the band. The band is named for a Velvet Underground song, and the music on “Yoo Doo Right” seems to be the only thing that relates itself to that band that seems at least possibly able to run with their baton.

There is not the Spartan sound present on this disc that marks VU tracks like “Venus In Furs”; in fact, Tetsuro seems to go in the opposite direction of the band with the inclusion of almost omnipresent amounts of distorted guitar. On tracks like the Blur-meets-Doors epic “As Tears Go By”, the buzz of the distorted guitar is the typical, not the exception in any sense of the term. All Tomorrow’s Party is a diverse band hat really have as their uniting factor Tetsuro’s guitar work. Intense guitar licks can be found throughout the disc, and really give “Yoo Doo Right” a distinct sound.

Top Tracks: Bad Bee Says, Love Can Bring You Down

Rating: 6.0/10

All Tomorrow’s Party – Yoo Doo Right, Yoo Doo Slide / 2005 Alive / 11 Tracks / /

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