Kilo Kai Spiced Rum (70 Proof)

Spiced rums are the next big thing. That is, I see more and more often different companies trying to go out and create their own version of spiced rum for common consumption. A few year backs, Lady Bligh was all the rage, and this year, Captain Morgan’s came out with their own version. However, Kilo Kai is a spiced rum that seems to be one of the better efforts in that sub-style of rum. The bottle just looks ominous; a dark brown, almost black finish to the spirit coupled with the Kilo Kai “skull” logo just impresses on me that this is the type of drink that pirates would have stashed in the hold of their ship.

When I finally cracked open the bottle, a heavy vanilla note to the bouquet was what greeted me. Where this would traditionally be something that would indicate a harsh, biting flavor to the spirit, the slightly lower proof (70) of the Kilo Kai is something that ensures that each glug of the bottle is one that will go down smoothly. Aside from drinking Kilo Kai straight, the spirit does wonderfully when it is match with Coke. The aforementioned vanilla notes in the spirit make a typical rum and Coke into some form of mutated Vanilla Coke, one that will get you absolutely wrecked if you down three or four. However, if one wants their Kilo Kai experience to be a mite more refined and fulfilling, all one needs to do is get a highball glass, some ice, and just sip Kilo Kai on the rocks.

The rounded flavors in the spirit dull the edge usually present in rum, leaving only a brilliant warmth that will soon radiate through the entirety of your body. This spiced rum is a better bet for the average drinker than the 100 Proof Captain Morgan due to the smoother taste, and it surpasses the aforementioned Lady Bligh in terms of sheer quality and taste. If you want to expand your liquor cabinet, I would have to point towards Kilo Kai; this recommendation is only intensified if you have not had the chance to drink a spiced rum up to this point.

Rating: 8.5/10

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