PopStar Guitar (PS2)

Any music simulation game is my think. I love either singing, playing guitars or other instruments, or even dancing around. However, it seems that a few companies have locked up the minds and hearts of individuals like me. PopStar Guitar, and publishing company XS Games, are here to show that this need not be the case and that a newcomer can be stellar. This game (which is also available for the Wii) showcases a number of tracks that are not as well known as the efforts from other games, but are still known to anyone that may be a fan of alternative radio.

This means that there are tracks like Maroon 5’s “Makes Me Wonder”, “Dirty Little Secret” from the All-American Rejects, and “All The Small Things” by Blink 182. As is the case in other similar efforts, players to PopStar Guitar can pick one of twelve different characters with which to rock out to, before hitting all the notes that are necessary to catapult them into stardom. PopStar Guitar is cheaper and actually contains more in the way of songs than other games in this field, representing a solid purchase for anyone that may not have enough money or is looking for tracks that are solid and a little less popular (and annoying) than some of the games on other games.

The fundamental game play of PopStar Guitar is not too terribly different from other games in this genre, and the broad smorgasbord of tracks that individuals can pick make this game a must-buy for me, as this is likely the only way that some tracks will ever see the light of day. Here’s to hoping that XS Games can continue to make efforts along this line, and that they do not forget to pander to the last-generation’s consoles like so many other game companies. If you are a fan of any type of guitar or band simulations, your next purchase should by any stretch of the imagination be PopStar Guitar. Fun, catchy, and with a killer soundtrack, it is a solid game through and through.

Rating: 8.6/10

PopStar Guitar (PS2) / 2008 XS Games / http://www.xsgames.biz

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