Bluecoat American Dry Gin (94 Proof)

Prior to this, I had only familiarized myself with the most well-known gins currently on the market. That means that I have had Beefeater and Tanqueray, but had missed out on something like Bluecoat. After getting a bottle of that spirit in the mail, I have to wonder where Bluecoat had honestly been all of my life. While the Bluecoat is self-labeled as an “American Dry Gin”, I find little difference in terms of the general experience between it and my previous forays into gin. Where Bluecoat does differ in some key ways comes in the care given the product by all associated with it.

The juniper notes that immediately are present with the first uncorking of the bottle are earthy and are drawn from nature, rather than being medicinal or chemical-based. This may be the difference between the styles (American Dry and London Dry), and I have to say that I am much more of a fan of Bluecoat’s version of the former rather than numerous other brands’ interpretation of the latter. Mix in a little lime juice and an equal portion of Bluecoat – the resulting gimlet is simply stellar, and is sneaky in the sense that it will provide a warmth and glow, a color to one’s cheeks that will stick throughout the entirety of the party or other social session.

These smoothness of Bluecoat is due to care taken in creating the spirit; while it has been filtered a total of three times before being placed on shelves, I have little down in my mind that the unfiltered spirit would be head and shoulders above many other types of gin. Just be careful; the spirit’s 94 proof profile ensures that a smaller amount will go a long way, no matter how experienced in the ways of the spirits one may be.

Rating: 9.0/10

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