Gran Centenario Rosangel (80 Proof)

In the past, I have not been the biggest fan of tequila. A number of drinking sessions during my younger days led me into having a shot or other drink with tequila in it, and almost all of those nights ended badly. It has only been in the last few years, and especially since my wife likes tequila, that I have started to slightly like the spirit. Where we have had the chance in the past to review a few flavored types of tequila, they have largely either been pepper-infused (Tanteo, Agave Loco), or more traditional types of flavors (Tanteo again, with chocolate and tropical).

The Gran Centenario is Hibiscus (yes, the flower) infused and this is the first step that tequila needs to really go and take away some of the sharper taste that is typically present. The nose that is present when individuals first open the bottle of Rosangel is much more mild than I’ve ever encountered on a tequila, while the slightly pinkish color of the spirit should be enough of an indicator to show people that this is a much different beast than what has previously been on the market in the past. A simple swish of the Rosangel around an imbiber’s mouth brings forth hints of a floral nature, beyond that which the Hibiscus brought to the party.

While the shooting aspect of the Rosangel would be decreased considerable vis-à-vis other tequilas in the market, the possibility for mixed drinks is high. Gran Centenario describes a margarita using the Rosangel, which ties together 1 ½ oz of the spirit with ½ oz orange liqueur, 1 tbsp Agave nectar, 1 tbsp each OJ and cranberry, ice, and a splash of Ginger ale. Just place in the Rosangel in any place that you would want to use tequila, and I am sure that the results will be impressive. Go to your higher end spirits store and pick up a bottle, or have it ordered in.

Rating: 8.8/10

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