Pet Pals: New Leash On Life (PC)

If you want a full art copy of the game, go to your local game shop and pick up a copy, or you can go to the website linked above and download the game. Where the game will work out quite well for those in the young set that are entertaining the idea of becoming a veterinarian, those older individuals that are playing the title will have their interest piqued by the different medical procedures that are commonplace in the game play of Pet Pals. What will undoubtedly be the biggest selling point of the game are the countless different animals that one can provide care to.

Beyond cats and dogs (which many individuals will be happy with),l players can ensure that animals like parrots and iguanas are nursed back to health. Instead of merely adopting a one size fits all type of approach, there are different ways and methods to treat each of the different animals provided here, and the way that players will proffer treatment represents a realistic way that a trained professional (like a veterinarian) would do it.
The game does have a decent amount of information present, so fans of more mindless types of titles may want to leave this game to those that want to take something substantive out of their gaming. I would love to see different editions of this game either further expand the amount of animals and possibilities open to players, or (to take a different tack), perhaps have Legacy take a step into another medical service profession.

Regardless, anyone that is in the slightest interested in animals will be able to enjoy this title, while parents should feel good purchasing Pet Pals: New Leash On Life for their children because it is so informational. At its price point, there is really no reason why players should not experience one of the most engrossing titles of the year.

Rating: 8.0/10

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