Urinal Gum #6

We here at NeuFutur have had this issue of Urinal Gum floating around the office for a damn long time, and we have to first apologize to the editors of UG . This issue is from around July of 2008, so there are a few dated things here. This means that there is a fake letter written o then-senator Hillary Rodham Clinton about being the front-runner of the Democratic party, while “Every Count Votes” is a somewhat disturbing bit of review coverage for the HBO film Recount. While the poem “State of the Union” manages to rhyme nicely, it seems to drag on for a tad too long, while a second goofy letter, written this time to Representative Peter DeFazio (Oregon) about allowing GLBT people into space will elicit a few chuckles.

“A Field Trip to the Oregon Country Fair” is a very hit or miss piece, discussing “Jack Turklesson”’s experience using LSD at an alternative dimension’s county fair. The strongest piece in this issue of Urinal Gum would have to be “Dear In Headlights”, an advise article that tells listeners exactly what they wish to hear. The issue finishes up with a listing detailing what readers should do since the world is ending, and it is truly a microcosm of the issues that are present in this issue. While there are funny bits and pieces placed throughout, it just seems as if the writers here are missing more often than hitting with their jokes. Keep an eye out for reviews of future issues and pick up #6 if you see it around.

Rating: 6.5/10

Urinal Gum #6 / $2 / 48S / http://www.urinalgum.com

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