Absolut Boston (80 Proof)

Where most of our experiences with Absolut have been with traditional types of flavors (Save for last year’s Absolut Los Angeles) Absolut Boston is truly something to come from left field. One need only look at the blend of different elements that comproise the vodka, which take elderflower (imbibers might be familar with elderflower as the basis of St. Germain) and link it together with black tea. When individuals get a chance to take down their first swig of the Absolut Boston, what results is a chiaroscuro that does not fail to present itself throughout. What is meant here is that there is a decidedly sweet opening provided by the elderflower that is followed up with a slightly bitter and biting tea taste.

Through both sides of the spirit, the distinct Absolut taste comes through and ensures that those lucky enough to pick up a bottle of the vodka will know exactly whom made it. This vodka bite is different than the tea side of things, meaning that the complexity of Boston may just be the most ever had in an Absolut release (at least, of those that we here at NeuFutur have had the opportunity to taste since the opening of the alcohol review section).

For those that may not be comfortable with taking the Aboslut Boston in a sipping or shooting fashion, there are a number of concoctions that can be whipped up that will allow Boston to shine. For example, The Intoxicologist has crafted an amazing Sidecar that ties up six measures of Boston, two measures each of Cointreau and Apricot Brandy, and a measure of Lemon Juice. Personally, we here at NeuFutur had great luck with taking equal measures of Boston, gin, and topping the mix up with lemon juice. A solid spirit that is decidedly different than anything else that is on the market; give it a try if you can find it.

Rating: 8.6/10

Absolut Boston (80 Proof) / Vodka / http://www.absolut.com

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