Platinum 7X (Vodka)

Platinum 7X is a vodka that we have seen take over the shelf space of a great many of the liquor stores that we here at NeuFutur have stopped at in the last feqw months. From first blush, what Sazerac has done here is to create a visually distinctive product. Whether it is the deep blue of the bottle or the triangular shape of said bottle, potential purchasers will immediately be ensorcelled by Platinum 7X. Adding to this allure would have to be the price point of the vodka; with a 1.75 Liter bottle priced around $20, buying a bottle of Platinum 7X will not break the bank for anyone.

When imbibers first crack open the bottle, what issues forth is something that is able to blend a strong alcohol note with a more mild, almost floral side. It is this eclectic nature that makes Platinum 7X such a compelling vodka. This simple fact is that the vodka works equally well in whatever formulation one places it into. When shots are plunked down, the resulting burn is not too great to dissuade drinkers from continuing on, but there is not a weakness of will that may be present in lower-class vodkas. The spirit works well placed on the rocks, as well; where a watery character is something common in many vodkas after a few minutes with the ice, the Platinum 7X maintains its composure for a considerable link of time.

Finally, the use of Platinum 7X in mixed drinks renders some of the best screwdrivers, Long Island Iced Teas, or even Cosmopolitans that individuals have ever had. The bottle may be on the lower racks at your local liquor store, but Platinum 7X is a vodka that can hang with the best, whether your best is Belvedere or just Smirnoff.

Rating: 8.3/10

Platinum 7X (Vodka) / 80 Proof /

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One thought on “Platinum 7X (Vodka)”

  1. I am hooked. This is the one & only vodka. Not only is it smooth, but a much lesser hangover. Also @ a great low price for the quality. My favorite drink is platinum w/ cherry limeade & cherry to garnish.

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