Amarula Cream Liqueur (34 Proof)

Amarula has been around in some form since I was born – 1983. For those in the North American markets, this liqueur will be something that has likely escaped notice up to this point. This creme liqueur is special in the sense that it is the only spirit that I know that is created from the Marula tree. The Marula tree is an African mainstay that allows elephants (prominently featured on the bottle) to get absolutely tore up.
When individuals first have the opportunity to experience Amarula, what issues forth is a very sweet (but not sickly) nose that connects all aspects of the liqueur.

The liqueur itself is at a low enough level that individuals could put it on the rocks and sip it over the course of the night, while its use in mixed drinks is similar to that of a Bailey’s Irish Cream or similar cream-based liqueur. The taste that individuals will become familiar with is a melange of different candy flavors, with hints of butterscotch, caramel, and vanilla all prominently present. Other flavors, such as chocolate and toffee, are less present but still represent decent contributions to the overall aura of the Amarula.

When one wants to move away from the on the rocks configuration for Amarula, a few mixed drinks really take the cake. For example, putting together equal parts of Amarula with Dr. Pepper will yield a funky and sweet concoction, while the vanilla notes of a good rum represent a great canvas for the Amarula to shine upon. Finally, for those that like warm drinks, inserting Amarula into one’s coffee in placement of creamer will make the best drink outside of an Irish Coffee that imbibers will ever have. Amarula may still not be known too much in the United States, but its versatility and alluring taste should be enough of a reason for interested parties to go down to a well-stocked liquor store to pick up a bottle.

Rating: 7.8/10

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