Cadenhead’s Old Raj (110 Proof)

This is perhaps the strongest gin that we have ever had the chance to review, so we were a mite scared of it as we sat down to give it a tasting session. The first thing that was noticed was the mildness of the nose; while still full of juniper notes, there seemed to be a more sweet end to it than Tanqueray would provide. The complexity of the taste of the Old Raj was similarly complex, with hints of citrus and spice presenting themselves at points through the sip.

The Old Raj does perfectly in whatever format one places it in, making shots fun and mixed drink to die for. The Old Raj spiced up a pretty plain traditional drink – the gin gimlet (4 parts gin, 1 part sweetened lime juice), as well as making a pink lady (one part gin, 1 tsp of cream and Grenadine, and an egg white) something that could conceivably be fashionable again.

The price may be a deterrent to those familiar with good and cheap gin (a 750ml bottle is pegged at $60 or so), but the unique flavors in the Cadenhead Old Raj are an essential for anyone that favors gin to taste. Cadenhead is the oldest independent bottler in Scotland, and even if one is not a fan of the 110 gin (or the slightest less powerful 92 proof variation), they have a number of offerings to suit you. For those into rum, the Green Label spirit is without comparison, and the Original Collection line (whiskys) will titillate and otherwise excite anyone into that style of spirit. Old Raj will be my gin of choice, and for anyone that wishes to have a complete bay, they should see whether Cadenhead’s release will be theirs.

Rating: 9.1/10

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