Burn Collector #14

While we have reviewed other Al Burian titles in the past, this is the first time that we have covered a Burn Collector issue. This small tome bounces back and forth between comics and narratives, allowing individuals to see the different approaches that Burian can take. Where the discussion of the Chicago bus lines seems to go on for a little long of a period, Burian’s deconstruction of the Dan Clowes track about the future of comic books is spot-on and seems to me to be more an update of the tract rather than flying against it. The comic break-down that takes place after the mid-point of the issue is similarly lengthy, but Burian seems to be much more at home with this art form. The story (I believe) takes place after Jack Chick passes on, and is front of St. Peter. A few bites of the apple of knowledge later, and Chick is given a number of different tripping experiences all in the course of a few pages. The house shows piece that precedes the comic may just be the strongest of anything to be found here, as Burian shows exactly how amazing transient house shows are, and how special it is to be part of history being made. Pick up this zine from Microcosm Publishing whenever you get a few bucks.

Rating: 7.0/10

Burn Collector #14 (Zine) / $8 / 156S / http://www.alburian.com

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