Godiva Mocha Liqueur (30 Proof)

While we did not have the chance to have the Godiva liqueur before it was reformatted, we received a bottle in of the new spirit a few days ago. After having an opportunity to properly sample the liqueur, we decided that it provides an excellent addition to one’s liquor cabinet. This is due to the fact that it is versatile well beyond most coffee-flavored liqueurs, as well as being of the high quality that individuals associate with the Godiva name.

The nose itself is a skillful blend of alcohol and coffee, with hints of chocolate presenting themselves at times as well. The alcohol content of the Godiva Mocha Liqueur is similarly well-crafted, in that there is an alcoholic bite enough to create warmth in imbibers’ chest without dwarfing the mocha flavor present. The liqueur is of a quality that imbibers should really try it out on the rocks, before putting it into coffee or other similar situations. Godiva has done well to provide drinkers of their Mocha Liqueur with a careful approximation of a Starbucks-level mocha, while turning it into an adult beverage with that little tinge of alcohol that presents itself soon after.

While the iced coffee-typed drink is where the Godiva Mocha shines the brightest, there are quite a few mixed drinks that are pretty spiff, if I do say so myself. Perhaps the easiest of these would be putting a shot of the Godiva Mocha in with a cup of coffee in place of a creamer, but there’s nothing wrong with replacing a traditional coffee liqueur with the Godiva Mocha as an ingredient, or even going for the gusto and mixing together equal parts Godiva Mocha and one’s favorite Irish Whiskey. Take the name away, and one will still have one of the best Mocha / coffee liqueurs on the market. Make sure to pick up a bottle today.

Rating: 8.4/10

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