IS Vodka (80 Proof)

There is a classic quality to the bottle design of IS Vodka that will ensure that purchasers will immediately place it in the front and center of their liquor cabinet. Whether it the column-like design of the bottle or the metal stopper on the top, there is a decidedly Art Deco feel to IS. IS first hit American shores late in 2008, and still seems to be catching on here. A quick check around the Cleveland area, for example, turns up only a few places that have it stock much less has it prominently featured.

However, however one picks up a bottle of IS bottle, they will be surprised at how smooth of a flavor that it truly has. Where there is some semblance of how classy the spirit would be when one looks at the bottle, there is extra care taken in the creation of IS Vodka that puts it on the high end of most normally-stocked similar spirits (Smirnoff, for example). This means that, while there is an astringent quality to a shot individuals may take, that the flavor that comes forth soon after is more than enough to make up for it. This additional alcohol burn goes away if individuals put it on the rocks or as a part of a vodka-heavy drink like a martini, replaced by the flush of one’s cheeks or face.

I feel that there is more traction for IS Vodka in mixed drinks than in straight shots, as a Long Island Iced Tea seems to be transformed into even more of a delectable beverage than normal, while a full-bodied Orange Juice (full pulp) does well working with the flavor of IS Vodka. At around $35 a bottle, it is priced competitively with spirits like Ciroc, Belvedere, and Grey Goose. Connoisseurs of the vodka type should make a trek out to their local liquor stores to order a bottle of IS Vodka.

Rating: 7.2/10

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