Skyy Infusions Ginger (Vodka)

While there are a number of different vodkas that run the gamut of traditional fruit and beverage-based flavors, I believe that Skyy Infusions Ginger is the first root-flavored spirit that we’ve ever tried. I must admit, though, that the spirit sat on our shelves for a few days before our reviewers got the courage enough to try it. There is nothing at all wrong with the outward appearance with the bottle – in fact, it looks like all the other efforts in the line – but few individuals are familiar with ginger outside of ginger ale or those little slivers of it that they receive on their sushi trays.

Opening the bottle, one is immediately presented with a mild nose that touches upon the former more than the latter, albeit with all alcohol notes completely muted. Given a chance to sip the Skyy Ginger, imbibers will notice that the spirit successfully balances itself between the more fruity (citrus) with the spicy (anise). Depending on whichever side one wants to showcase, the Skyy Ginger becomes incredibly versatile in different forms and mixed drinks.; Of course, the 70-proof level of the spirit makes it a perfect sipping or shooting spirit, while the mild flavor profile of the Skyy Ginger allows it to work admirably no matter how it is set up. For me, thought, the inclusion of the Skyy Ginger in some of my favorite mixed drinks is brilliant, giving a Screwdriver the complexity it so desperately needs, while making an Long Island Iced Tea into something truly special.

Where some individuals may claim that the Skyy Infusions line is losing steam as it moves away from the traditional fruits that are typically touched with flavored vodkas, I feel that getting those flavors behind them is a great thing for Skyy. Check out this Ginger-infused vodka today, and write up any interesting or otherwise tasty cocktails that you may come up with at the end of this review. I know that we here at NeuFutur Headquarters will be stocking this flavor for months to come.

Rating: 9.1/10

Skyy Infusions Ginger / Vodka / 70 Proof /

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