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We have all heard that classic rock anthem for those who are about to, or already have, turned 18 – or maybe sixteen if you just wanna drop out ’cause really don’t care. We all have heard the promise that “school is out forever”, and for some of us, that is true. However, for the rest of us whom are not happy working at Mickey D’s for the rest of our life, that means that we have to go back to learn something, anything, just something that will get us out of this two bit town.* We have all felt the cold hand of reality griping our shoulders once in a while, and we all know that the economy is not doing all that well. So, for those of you that are in your tweeners, teens, and quickly approaching thirty and just woke up and found yourself working in a record store, I am sure this coming fall will signal the return of school daze. Or is that days? hmmm.

In the spirit of this joyous or perhaps dreadful occasion, I have decided to do a series of reviews that will be coming up here in the next few weeks to get you all ready to go back to school. I will be doing reviews where I contrast and compare which Apps will give you the best bang for your buck, that I know you all worked so hard mowing acres of land to get this summer. I will be taking a look at a few different types of apps. These will appear in no certain order, and they may in fact be a little chaotic, seeing as how I am also preparing to go back into the gates of hell, I mean back to school, I am also going to be a little scatter brained. The categories will be as follows; Calculators, Notes/Word Processing, Digital Recorders (for those of you too lazy to type notes in class), Flash Cards, Student Planners, Basic Tools (i.e. ruler Apps, or conversion Apps, and the like), and To-Do list Apps. Some Apps, such as Awesome Note and EverNote, will actually serve as more than one function. So, they will be set aside as a separate category – hybrid Apps. I will go through all the pros and cons of at least three Apps per category in an attempt to keep things from appearing biased, and also giving you a lot of options. I will also clarify which of the Apps are just for the iPhone, iPad, or are universal. I will do my best to also note which ones will be for the iPhone, but still look pretty stunning on your iPad via pixel doubling.

For each of the categories, I am thinking that I will do as I have in the past and post each review separately as opposed to a huge and gigantic long post that goes head to head for them all. Maybe I’ll do that in a YouTube fashion or something, we shall see. However, when all is said and done for each category, I will put up a summary post with my final thoughts and name a winner for the category. As I go through the different phases of testing, reviewing, and drinking to build up my tolerance again, please feel free to email me your own favorites, and if i’ve not considered them for my reviews already, I may just give them a look over. No promises though. I am also planning on trying to work out something of a contest where I will give away one iOS App of your choice from the list. Of course if it’s a free App, well, I guess you’ll just have to come up with something else to rob me of some of my moneys. I’m going to set up a special email account for this purpose as well. I’ll put the email address in the comments section later on below this post. For now though dear sweet friends, rest well, and enjoy summers freedom and warmth, for soon the yellow harbinger of doom will come for you all. “The wheels on the bus go”….

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