Hennessy Privilege: Mexico 2010 Edition (Cognac)

The bicentennial of Mexican independence occurs on September 16th, 2010. The fine folks over at Moet Hennessy have created a limited edition run of their storied Privilege line in support of this, hand-numbering and providing imbibers with information about the cognac’s long history in Mexico. We were lucky enough to receive a bottle of Hennessy Privilege for review.

For many years cognac drinkers have trusted the Hennessy house to produce the finest quality cognac in the world. Many times price becomes a large part of the decision in the consumer’s mind. Hennessy has found a way to put out a full bodied cognac worthy of royalty, in a price range for the average Joe (at last check, a Mexico 2010 bottle of Privilege was hovering slightly under the $50 mark). For those that have only had the base-level Hennessy (or the newest addition to the line, Black), there are a number of nuances that will represent a much more complex and fulfilling experience.

Hennessy Privilege itself is well aged, with no bite at all; it slides down your throat like warm silk. With powerful oak flavors and slight hint of vanilla, the spirit may be mixed or preferably served in a snifter. This is not a cognac for amateurs. The spirit is best by itself, it is meant to be sipped and enjoyed not guzzled. A great companion for any well aged cigar, possibly something from the Davidoff classic series.

As there are only 60,000 gift boxes of the Mexico 2010 edition of Hennessy Privilege shipping off of the line, interested drinkers would do well to pick it up as soon as possible. The shipments have and are hitting stores in Mexico itself, along with a handful of states – Texas, Illinois, California, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Rating: 9.2/10

Hennessy Privilege: Mexico 2010 Edition (Cognac) / 80 Proof / http://www.hennessy.com

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