Disney All Star Party (Nintendo Wii)

Disney titles usually rest on the strength of the films that they are related to (and in some cases, the Disney Channel shows which they are related). However, Disney All Star Party showcases that Disney can create an absolutely stunning Wii title that will be purchased based on the game’s merits rather than the characters or IP associated with it. While each of the different mini-games that await players are linked to the current wave of Disney programming (Phineas and Ferb, Sonny, Camp Rock),they represent considerably different efforts.

For example, the pie throwing contest game will test aim and reflexes, while the musical chair game is much more of a split-second thing. All of the different games have a unitary purpose – having all players compete for victory. Allowing players to take on longer and shorter game sessions (from 3 to 9 rounds and beyond) make sure that this title will be in Wii players for at least the next few months. The best thing regarding the difficulty level of these mini-games (and of Disney All Star Party itself) is that anyone – 7 to 70 – can be equally challenged here.

By allowing players to pit themselves against other human opponents, a friendly family title can get a little feisty. Furthermore, there is some semblance of caring for fitness by Disney All Star Party’s designers – many of the mini-games just feel better when players are ducking or doing other furtive moments. In the absence of a truly strong slate of games in the childrens’ market for the 2010 Holiday Season, Disney All Star Party shines brightly. Pick it up for your children or other relations, and I can guarantee that this title will be one that gets the most play.

Rating: 8.3/10

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