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We received two different sets of weight training gloves in the space of a week, and we’re providing some insight into the Gripad Gloves today. The first thing that can be said about these is that you do not need to break the bank to buy a pair – from their own web site, you can buy a pair for $16. In regards to the unique style required by weight trainers, the Gripad gloves come in four different colors – pink, blue, black, and red.

Aside from these stylistic decisions, the Gripad gloves come in both men’s and women’s sizing. Before putting the gloves to use, I did not have any experience with any type of gloves – I was rocking some pretty serious callouses when we got the Gripad package in the mail. After getting a chance to do a number of hour-plus workouts with the Gripad gloves over the course of about 6 weeks, I can report that my callouses have gone away and that I have been able to power through my sets with an ease that simply was not to be had when I was going bare skin to metal.

The gloves do fit firmly, and while there may be a minor amount of discomfort, it quickly goes away when getting into the meat and potatoes of the workout. The whole of the hand that would be touched by a bar or a barbell is covered with the Gripad Gloves, ensuring that one doesn’t pick up any nasties or odors from the workout machinery. The gloves are extremely durable, and will ensure that they make workouts easy throughout the course of years rather than months. There have been claims that bodybuilders and weight-lifters have to have a natural grip on their weights at all times, but I feel that the Gripad gloves ensure that people have that. Buy a pair today to see how exactly much your workout will benefit from them.

Rating: 8.3/10

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