GAT Jet Fuse (Pre-Workout Supplement)

There is a considerable amount of variation when it comes to pre-workout supplements. While each of them will get you amped due to the presence of caffeine, it takes a good supplement to really do everything that any company promises. To that end, I feel that the GAT Jet Fuse pre-workout is perhaps the best pre-workout supplement that I have tried.

While not too terribly important, the taste of the Jet Fuse – Blue Raspberry and Grape – is mild enough to not overwhelm but is strong enough to mask the taste of the caffeine and other sides to the supplement. After drinking a serving of the GAT Jet Fuse, it is a fairly immediate process where one gets energized and has the drive and determination to go forth and finish their workout in record time with higher weight counts than normal. In just a few weeks of using Jet Fuse, I found myself increasing the weight of exercises – for the arms, legs, abs and pretty much anything else you can think of – while shaving a minute or two off each of my exercise days. There is no sort of crash after the workout, either; where other pre-workouts will leave me feeling pretty tired after a session, the Jet Fuse gradually recedes and allowed me to get moving with my day.

I believe that anyone that is looking to increase the intensity of their workout should pick up a jar of the GAT Jet Fuse – it is what will give you more energy, the ability to clear out exercises, and the muscle mass that you long for with each subsequent workout. Check out what I mean – get a sample from the GAT website or pick up a bottle today.

Rating: 9.5/10

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