S.A.N. BCAA-Pro 5000 (Amino Acids)

I have just started to use amino acids in preparation for working out. I was unsure of the value that they had, but was able to read a few books about the subject and feel that it is what will bring my workout to the next level.

Amino acids are what allow muscles to recuperate faster, and as such, allow for better and more sustained muscle growth. The SAN BCAA-Pro represents one of the best supplements for BCAAs on the market, providing users with L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. The BCAA-Pro 5000’s quality is due to the fact that SAN creates a product that contains only what an individual’s body needs. Rather than sticking caffeine or other herbs into their product, SAN only includes a few ingredients that will ensure the best possible results.

To properly use the BCAA-Pro 5000, one just needs to take a single scoop of the product. After that is done, the blend of BCAAs, Vitamin B6 and Beta-Alanine will decrease recovery time and ensure that lean muscle mass is not cannibalized by the body. At a cost under $40 for 100 servings, there is no reason that an individual that is concerned about their body’s well being should not pick up a bottle of the BCAA-Pro 5000.

Rating: 9.5/10

S.A.N. BCAA-Pro 5000 (Amino Acids) / http://www.sann.net /

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