Cubic Ninja (Nintendo 3DS)

Every time that we get a different Nintendo 3DS game for review, it seems as if the developing company has figured out some new side to the console. What results then is an eye-popping title that sticks around long after we would normally have finished the review. This is exactly what happens with Cubic Ninja, one of Ubisoft’s newest titles.

Cubic Ninja is a puzzle title, and is one that has players take control of CC, a cube that is charged with saving the princess. In order to do that, CC has to use the different skills available to eir (shrinking, throwing projectiles) to reduce, remove, or otherwise flee from the baddies placed against eir. To get to the end of the stage, players will have to become very keyed in to the 3DS’s gyroscope. What is so compelling about Cubic Ninja is that one slip-up and all the work a player has done is for naught. The 100-plus levels that await players will ensure that a considerable amount of hours are invested into the title, while the level creator option gives players the opportunity to further ratchet up the difficulty level for themselves or for friends.

Cubic Ninja is very catchy, but will require some familiarization with the 3DS before one can truly start blasting through levels. Graphics here are unique, with a certain blockiness acting as the designer’s signature here. Different noises and music vary enough so as to not annoy, while the array of different attacks and powers for CC allow for each level to be solved in a variety of ways. Cubic Ninja is a title that will impress a wide array of fans, no matter what age they may be. Here’s to hoping that Cubic Ninja can continue to be refined.

Rating: 8.5/10

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