EAS Myoplex Chocolate Cream

For full disclosure, we received samples of Myoplex for review from EAS itself. The product is available pretty much everywhere where fitness products are sold.
Myoplex can be drank before or after a workout, either as a way to increase the body’s energy stores or to replace what one has burnt out during a workout. The formulation of Myoplex is such that one can just stick a bottle of Myoplex in their workout bag and be kept awake, alert, and free of fatigue until they can make it home and crash out. A particularly interesting use of Myoplex has to be as its versatility as a meal replacement. If you do not have the time to go and make a meal, pull a Myoplex from the fridge – the drink has enough protein, calories, and carbs to keep one going for a few good hours, or until they can get something more substantive whipped up.

The biggest problem that we could find with Myoplex regards the cap design. While the liquids were contained well when the plastic wrapping was on the bottle, there were two times in which our keyboards got protein-ed due to shake-induced leaking. I believe that a better cap would do wonders in ensuring containment.

If you work out and do not supplement, make it a point to pick up Myoplex. The presence of a substantial amount of protein and extra carbohydrates are the building blocks that will ensure muscle gain and easier weight loss. The presence of numerous other vitamins and minerals make the Myoplex experience into one that can complete daily vitamins that might otherwise be lacking. For those that may quickly tire of flavor, EAS offers a number of different tastes in their Myoplex line.

Rating: 8.5/10

EAS Myoplex Chocolate Cream / Protein Drink / EAS / http://www.eas.com/myoplex

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