Whey Superior Charge Vanilla (Whey Protein)

We have not had the opportunity to review any proteins in a few weeks, but we received a packet from Food Science of Vermont for their Whey Superior Charge. The vanilla flavoring of the Whey Superior Charge actually has more in common with ice cream rather than being a code-word for a “plain”-flavored product. This allows individuals to more easily get through their protein shakes and allow their bodies to begin to process the nutrients that are present in the product.

Food Science’s Superior Charge gives buyers 30 servings, at a price that is competitive to other products that are on the market. The 120 calories present in each serving perfectly balances the 21 grams of protein present in every scoop, while the presence of Stevia leaf as well as Maltodexrin keeps the protein properly tasty. The whey protein also contains a decent amount of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, and a number of additional amino acids. What then results in the Superior Charge protein is a product that will allow for increased post-workout energy, the ability for muscles to quickly regenerate, and a reduced amount of soreness.

Food Science of Vermont’s Superior Charge Protein is one of the best proteins that we have had the chance to test for NeuFutur. The vanilla flavor to the protein is natural tasting (which makes sense, considering that Superior Charge uses “natural vanilla flavor”) while masking the protein mouthfeel; I would personally like to see exactly how the company would approximate Chocolate or fruit flavors with any later addition to the line. Test out Superior Charge and see exactly what it contributes to your sustained health, energy, and workout intensity; I will be using it before every workout day or as a meal replacement.

Rating: 7.9/10

Whey Superior Charge Vanilla (Whey Protein) / Food Science of Vermont / http://www.foodscienceofvermont.com/

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