Comedian Joe DeRosa to release “Return Of The Son of Depression Auction” digitally on September 6th

JOE DEROSA is back with the Return of the Son of Depression Auction digital album to be released on Comedy Central Records on September 6th. This is the follow-up album to his misanthrope masterpiece, The Depression Auction.

Return of the Son of Depression Auction finds DeRosa doubling down on disappointment and misery, discussing his poor eating and exercise habits, continued drinking and relations with women. With even more self-deprecating and hilarious stories and viewpoints, you will find it easy to laugh at his pain.

Recently, DeRosa had guest roles on HBO’s Bored To Death and IFC’s Z-Rock and became a regular on the Opie and Anthony radio show and Fox New’s Redeye. He also taped a half-hour Comedy Central Presents special, which aired in the winter of 2009 and his first-ever stand-up album The Depression Auction was released on Comedy Central Records in June of 2010. DeRosa’s credits also include appearances on Last Call with Carson Daly, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and the New Faces showcase at the Montreal Comedy Festival. In addition, he has performed on national tours such as Dave Chappelle’s Block Party Tour and the Insomniac Tour with Dave Attell.

This year, he made his directorial debut with the film Cheat, which starred himself, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, and Colin Quinn. DeRosa is currently writing, directing and producing a series of web shorts for, co-hosting the podcast Uninformed with comedian and friend, Bill Burr, and touring clubs around the country.

DeRosa started stand-up comedy by hitting the Wednesday night open mic at the Laff House in Philadelphia, PA. Within a year, he was a regular there and at all the major clubs in the surrounding area.

It was not long before DeRosa made the jump to New York City to take up comedy as a full time gig. He quickly began working frequently at New York venues such as Caroline’s, Stand-up New York, the Laugh Factory, and Gotham Comedy Club.

Hazy Flow Interview

Q:What’s your story? How’d you fall into rap?

My story? Ha, I’ve got a million stories, but I started into rap after being a writer for many years. I never translated it into music, cause I’m not exactly a singer, and when I first thought to rap, I didnt like the image that the hip hop genre perpetuated. It just seemed too shallow, too obsessed over pointless things, but when I found Lupe Fiasco, I realized rap could be about absolutely anything and still be amazing. So I started rapping about my life, about the people in my life, and the stories that all those interactions weaved. And people seem to really enjoy how I tell my story.

Q:Who are you listening to right now?

Right now, I’m listening to J. Cole’s “The Warmup”. It’s an awesome disc, and he is really one of the handful of intellectual rappers out there still. Lyrically, he’s great.

Q:What or who do you think will be big in the next year?

I think the Midwest will be making ALOT of moves in the next year, look at MGK and Ray Jr. getting signed to Interscope this year. Alot of attention is on Cleveland specifically now, and the world loves how Cleveland does things. I wouldnt be surprised to see the next big rappers to come out of the midwest, I mean its already started, with Big Sean too, it’s just a matter of how many more midwest artists will get signed, you know? But the west coast is trying to make a revival, with Odd Future taking the lead, Hopsin, and The Game all making strides to bring attention back to Cali. I actually got to perform with Hopsin back in June, he’s a good guy and an even better rapper. Personally, i feel like the west coast buzz is built up entirely around rap beef, who’s dissin on who, and all that, and I dont feel like an artist should be recognized just for talking shit.

Q: How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started? Where do you think that your flow will go to in the months and years in the future?

Oh man, my flow has undergone SUCH an evolution since I started. Obviously, starting out, you dont really have a clear understanding of your natural rap rythym, but once you learn your own voice, the things you can accomplish in rap are innumerable. My flow has sped up quite a bit, and my delivery has gotten so raw, I love how my music is sounding. I only see my flow getting even doper in the coming months, and…years?, I cant even imagine how sick of a rapper i’ll be a year from now, let alone 2 or 3.

Q:What differences in terms of lifestyle, music, or anything have you seen between Cleveland and the other areas that you have visited?

Cleveland is one-of-a-kind, I’ve never been anywhere thats reminded me of Cleveland, and I would say its my favorite city ever, if i hadnt lived in Kent for a year and fell in love with it. Kent and Cleveland are my 2 favorite cities I’ve been too, the attitudes are completely different, but thats why i love em! Cincinnati has an awesome vibe too, I went down there with one of my rapper friends who was performing for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Showcase, and that city has alot of love for what we do in Cleveland. Ohio is just a very supportive state right now, they’ve realized that we’re making a name for ourselves now, and they couldnt be more excited about it.

Q:Are drugs/alcohol good or bad for rap or is are the presence of those things just something based out of real life?

I dont think that it’s good or bad. I think it does lend some creativity to music, but I listen to rappers that dont do drugs or drink, and their stuff is just as ill as others. I mean, some of my favorite rap comes from Em’s days of being a druggie, too though. Since he’s gotten clean, I just havent felt the same raw power in his music. He’s still one of the greatest of all time, but i dont think he could ever top “Infinite”, one of his earliest tracks. But i think its just a life experience thing. Some people do, some people dont, its all perspective.

Q:How have you gotten more of your fans – Facebook / Twitter or traditional word of mouth? Have you noticed anything different between these types of fans?

At first, it was all word of mouth. But as I started to build on a fan base, the internet has become a very powerful tool for getting fans. My Facebook fan page touts the majority of my fans, because it just makes it so easy to share music nowadays. But there is a major difference in fan dedication. A facebook fan has invested 2 seconds of their time clicking “like”, whereas a word-of-mouth fan is alot more likely to come to shows, get CD’s, its basically a support level thing. But I’ve noticed more and more facebook fans coming to shows, and getting involved in the movement and I appreciate every fan who believes in the music like I do. Shout out to the fans at this point!

Q:Who else in the rap scene have you met and who is out there right now that you would like to collaborate with?

I’ve met probably hundreds of local artists, there’s alot of hidden talent in Cleveland, if you dont know. DJ $lim Jim is a close friend of mine, and he’s one of the handful of local MC’s from my area that I think are being slept on. As far as national acts go, I’ve met Afroman, Hopsin, Wishbone from Bone Thugs, opened for Twista, Ray Cash, and met MGK. Really, I wish i could collab with every dope artist that came my way, but it just doesnt happen like that unfortunately. But I am pulling some good collabs for the mixtape I’m gonna be releasing soon!

Q:How should people find your music? Are there any mixtapes coming out that they should look into buying?

You can find my music at or All of my music is downloadable (except for mixtape exclusives), and yeah, the mixtape “Under The Influence Of Me” will be coming out by October, be sure to like the Hazy page and keep yourself updated on the release!

Q:What else should we know ?

That I’m here to fuck Ohio’s rap scene up, and you can either get with this, or be remembered as the one who missed it. My name is Hazy Flow, I dont fuck with lames, and you should HIT THIS!

Ha Ha Tonka launch new MP3, add lots of tour dates

Following a busy late-spring/summer, Ha Ha Tonka is excited to announce a new run of tour dates – including a performance at the upcoming Austin City Limits Music Festival – and the launch of their second FREE single from the album, this time for “Made Example Of.”

Ha Ha Tonka’s recently released album Death of a Decade has been received with both critical acclaim and positive fan response. The Austin Chronicle said, “Death of a Decade sounds more like the birth of an important band”, while the Washington Post made a comparison to another well-known group, “The Missouri quartet is not only authentically scruffy, it tears at the heart of American roots music with every chord like Mumford only pretends to, and its new record, Death of a Decade, basically oozes passion for the craft.” Additionally, MTV included the band in their new music program on The Seven, NPR Music included “Usual Suspects” as a Song of the Day, and Anthony Bourdain even featured them on an Ozarks episode of “No Reservations.”

September 1 @ WTMD’s First Thursdays in the Park in Baltimore, MD – FREE SHOW
September 2 @ The Abbey Bar in Harrisburg, PA
September 3 @ Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT
September 6 @ Hampton Taphouse in Hampton, VA
September 7 @ Kirk Avenue Music Hall in Roanoke, VA
September 9 @ Dickinson Theater at PVCC in Charlottesville, VA – WNRN’s 15th Anniversary Celebration w/ Elizabeth and the Catapult, Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun
September 10 @ Concordia College in Moorhead, MN
September 16 @ Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, TX
September 17 @ La Grange in Dallas, TX – FREE SHOW
September 21 @ Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, IA
September 22 @ Crunchy Frog in Green Bay, WI
September 23 @ Club Garibaldi’s in Milwaukee, WI
September 24 @ The House Cafe in Dekalb, IL
September 25 @ PK’s in Carbondale, IL
September 26 @ Cubby Bear in Chicago, IL – WXRT FREE SAMPLE SHOW
September 27 @ Castle Theater in Bloomington, IL
September 28 @ The Bishop in Bloomiington, IN
September 29 @ Founders Brewing Company Taproom in Grand Rapids, MI – FREE SHOW
September 30 @ Frankie’s in Toledo, OH
October 1 @ Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY
October 3 @ TBA in Toronto, ON
October 5 @ Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY
October 6 @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, PA
October 7 @ Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC
October 9 – Mountain Stage Radio Taping @ Templeton-Blackburn Auditorium in Athens, OH
October 11 @ Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, NC (supporting Jill Andrews)
October 12 @ Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC (supporting Jill Andrews)
October 13 @ Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC (supporting Jill Andrews)
October 14 @ The Earl in Atlanta, GA(supporting Jill Andrews)
October 20 @ Lindberg’s in Springfield, MO
October 21 @ The Blue Note in Columbia, MO
November 23 @ The Record Bar in Kansas City, MO
November 25 @ The Firebird in St. Louis, MO
November 26 @ Avenue Theater in West Plains, MO

Co-Headline dates w/ Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin
November 30 @ Hi-Dive in Denver, CO
December 1 @ Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT
December 2 @ Neurolux in Boise, ID
December 3 @ Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA
December 5 @ Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, BC
December 6 @ Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR
December 8 @ TBA in San Francisco, CA
December 9 @ The Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles, CA
December 10 @ Soda Bar in San Diego, CA

Click to visit Ha Ha Tonka’s website –

Goldwasser (Herbal Liqueur)

Previously, there only existed a small segment of the United States population that had any idea what Goldwasser was. However, with Niche Import Company bringing this spirit to our shores, the amount of imbibers that can profess familiarity with Goldwasser is drastically increasing. While the spirit will immediately remind individuals of Goldschlager with gold specks floating in a clear base, the taste of Goldwasser is drastically different than that of Goldschlager.

Goldwasser possesses a flavor profile that is similar to that of Jagermeister, albeit with a slightly different constellation of tastes. I believe that the herbal side of Goldwasser does a great justice in hiding the heavy alcohol content of the spirit – at 35% alcohol by volume, imbibers will likely have to tape out at the four or five shot mark. I believe that the spirit works best when one shoots it straight, but that there can be a claim for sipping it on the rocks or in a bomb type of format.

Regardless, anyone that wishes to have a taste of 16th century Poland should go to their local liquor store and purchase a bottle of Goldwasser. Niche Importing Company does bring in other types of spirits as well, so if Goldwasser does not hold much allure, they do provide purchasers with a wide array of absinthes, brandies, cognacs, and other flavored spirits.

Rating: 8.0/10

Goldwasser (Herbal Liqueur) / 70 Proof /

Oberhofer Signs To Glassnote Records

Ever since moving operations from his parent’s basement in Tacoma, Washington to Brooklyn, 20 year old Brad Oberhofer has been carefully honing his own brand of bedroom pop, which is as affecting and genuine as it is naively chaotic.

Charmingly skewed and ramshackle, Oberhofer’s classic, melody heavy indie rock sound manages to meld Brian Wilson sized hooks with expansive instrumentation and kooky, unpredictable song structures. The intense production mixes programmed drums with jittering live percussion and centers his exuberant yelps amongst keys, xylophones, whistles and washes of wall of sound guitar.

Backed with a powerhouse three piece band, Oberhofer has spent the past year touring with bands like Twin Sister, Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian and Bear In Heaven. When he’s not on the road, Brad has finished and self-released a vinyl 7 inch, as well as singles on Inflated Records and White Iris. Having just signed to Glassnote Records, a much anticipated debut album is due for early 2012.

Oberhofer will also be joining Les Savy Fav September 6th at Musichall Of Williamsburg.

Eric Church – Chief (CD)

Country music has been continually changing and evolving over the course of the last few years. What was fairly constant and static up until the mid-nineties began to change at a rapid clip during the last decade. Eric Church is looking to provide another path in which country can go with eir latest album, “Chief”. “Creepin’” is the first track on “Chief”, and it immediately provides listeners with a bold and confident bit of country that adds hints of rock and pop to the equation.

Rather than immediately falling into a rut, Church is able to change things up with the follow-up, “Drink in my Hand”. Modifying the classic country drinking song for the current period, there is no reason that listeners should not be singing along to the track after a few listens. Church’s run continues nicely with “Like Jesus Does”, a track that showcases the interplay between life, religion, and overall spirituality.

“Chief” is an impressive album in that it comes forth and showcases different facets of Church, until by the end of “Over When It’s Over” when listeners have a good sense of who Church is and what ey does. Along the way, tracks like “I’m Gettin’ Stoned” and “Jack Daniels” showcase a party aspect that will appease fans of singers like Jimmy Buffett. There is no doubt in my mind that Church will be in the country music scene for many years to come, and “Chief” is one of many albums to come that will flesh out Church’s mythos. If you are a fan of current country, there is no reason that you should not check out some of Church’s music.

Top Tracks: Drink In My Hand, Hungover& Hard Up

Rating: 7.9/10

Eric Church – Chief (CD) / 2011 Capitol / 11 Tracks /

The Migrant announce new LP: Share eerily-timed new single “The Hurricane”

When Bjarke Bendtsen set off from his native Denmark on a journey through America with just a guitar and a suitcase, The Migrant was born. A few years later, after one critically acclaimed album – 2010’s Travels in Lowland, a dreamy, earnest, psychedelic pop-folk opus, recorded at a seaside summerhouse during a trip back to Denmark in the summer of 2009 – and following nearly 50 shows across the US with his Austin-based backing band and 25 more in Europe with Danish compatriots, The Migrant returns with its second album, Amerika. Recorded in Fort Worth, TX at the home studio of Theater Fire’s James Talambas (who also co-produced it), Amerika is another beautiful episode in Bendtsen’s ceaseless odyssey.

As Bendtsen and his fellow musical sobriquet implies, The Migrant drifts through various landscapes, painting grand scenic portraiture with Bendtsen’s raw vocals and layers of pop-folk multi-instrumentation. Departing from the airy Danish seaside of Travels in Lowland, Amerika occupies the spare, vast spaces of the American landscape with beautiful, sprawling, acoustic melodies that faintly evoke America’s rich folk heritage. The album is constantly in motion, freely traversing barren guitar solos and harmonized mountains of instrumentation, navigated by Bendtsen’s unmistakeably heartfelt, lyrical styling.

With the new album set for its release this fall, the tireless Bendtsen is already back in the Fort Worth studio with Talambas and Travels in Lowland co-producer Mads Hartmann to record a third album, scheduled for release in 2012. With new material written while settled in Copenhagen, the third album promises to be another ethereal creation of The Migrant’s wanderlust.

Following the debut of Amerika, The Migrant is gearing up for a tour of the US and Canada later this year.

Artist – The Migrant
Album- Amerika
US Release Date – October 25, 2011
Label – S/R

01. Molehills
02. Everywhere Yo Go
03. The Hurricane
04. 2811 California Street
05. Don’t Talk
06. It’s Alright Heart
07. Take It!
08. Why Two?
09. Flight AA71

Harbinger Neoprene Ankle Cuff

Harbinger Neoprene Ankle Cuff /
A great many gyms offer cuffs and other workout gear for use, but a number of these cuffs, grips, and the like get beaten down through daily use. One also has to worry about getting skin conditions and other concerns when they use gym gear, but this is why companies like Harbinger exist. By creating a solid ankle cuff for a cheap price (one can typically find it for a hair under $10), Harbinger has made it easy for individuals concerned about their fitness to build their muscles without risking infection; this neoprene ankle cuff is a great buy.
This is due to the fact that it immediately provides comfort with whichever exercise one wishes to undertake. Rather than being constructed of a rough fabric, the neoprene is able to clench onto the ankle without starting welts or inflaming the skin. The Velcro side of the ankle cuff allows a wide array of different sizes to be achieved, which will allow a number of individuals to use the cuff or for an individual to gradually gain muscle size and strength without having to purchase another cuff. The D-ring at the end of the ankle cuff makes attachment to other machines easy – the larger size of this ring makes popping it onto cable machines a cinch.
With extreme value provided, there is little reason that individuals that are concerned about their fitness should not search out their own Harbinger ankle cuff and pack it around in their gym bag. The product will last for years and is easy to clean, while being distinct enough that one should not lose it. Check out the linked sites for the wider array of products that the company provides – they most likely have whatever you may need.
Rating: 9.0/10

Nick Jaina US Tour!

Nick Jaina has just released a new full-length, THE BEANSTALKS THAT HAVE BROUGHT US HERE ARE GONE (which features JOLIE HOLLAND, LAURA GIBSON, and more amazing women)–and now, we’ve got tour dates! The whole spiel is below, PLUS, one can get the scoop on the album via LISTENING TO THIS GREAT KZME PODCAST!

09.08.11 – Eugene, OR @ Sam Bonds
09.10.11 – Davis, CA @ Sophia’s
09.11.11 – San Francisco, CA @ KC Turner House Concert Series
09.11.11 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
09.13.11 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Central
09.15.11 – Santa Fe, NM @ Warehouse 21
09.16.11 – Denver, CO @ The Meadowlark
09.18.11 – Boise, ID @ Visual Arts Collective
09.19.11 – Seattle, WA @ Comet Tavern

Here’s the deal: The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone is the new album from Nick Jaina, and an unusual one at that. I am beyond honored to be able to bring it your way (let me know if you’re interested in debuting the MP3 of Jolie Holland’s “You Were So Good To Me”, and we’ll work it out), as not only a giant fan of all Nick’s endeavors (which will be discussed shortly), but of the many incredible women who helped bring this thing to life. Nick wrote and recorded all new songs and asked different women to come in and sing the lead vocals. Nick’s voice doesn’t appear anywhere on the album, but his sensibilities are spread throughout. He was interested to work with women who had distinct voices, the same way a choreographer would use different dancers with their own signature styles to create a cohesive work of art. Nick is, I am wholly convinced, one of the most briliant and gifted storytellers and songwriters working today, and this record is an incredible example of a man bringing his work to fruition in a time-honored yet wholly innovative way. That’s Nick: at once a classic and a rare, crazy diamond (Nick is not crazy).

This album’s songs were written during the songwriting period for Jaina’s previous album, A Bird in the Opera House. Each song presented a different challenge. Sometimes Nick wrote a song for a singer who didn’t resonate with the song, and the piece had to be given to someone else. Sometimes keys had to be changed or lyrics altered, and in the case of “Once But Never Again” almost every single instrument from the original recording was replaced with something else to fit the new vocals. The result is an album that is as varied as a mix tape from someone in love with you, but as cohesive as a studio album.

Nick Jaina is signed to Hush Records (Decemberists, Loch Lomond) and has lived in Portland, Oregon for the last decade. He has just finished scoring a ballet in New York City for a project involving dancers from the New York City Ballet and singers from Julliard School of Music. That project, a trilogy called Satellites Become Us, charts the progress of a fracturing relationship from the earth into the heavens and is debuting on August 11th at the Dogwood Performing Arts Center in Fremont, MI, although a special NYC-area event will be planned as well (for more on that project, see this great article: Nick is also an incredible writer and currently pens a beautiful column for the Willamette Week, which I highly recommend reading. Here’s one of my favorite pieces of his, about meeting an idol of his, Poppa Neutrino, and assisting said idol in setting out to a sea voyage from whence he would actually not return:

Track Listing:

1. When the Blind Man Rings That Bell, featuring Kaylee Cole
2. You Were So Good To Me, featuring Jolie Holland
3. Once But Never Again, featuring Luzelena Mendoza from Y La Bamba
4. Whiskey Riddle, featuring Annalisa Tornfelt from Black Prairie
5. James, featuring Johanna Kunin
6. The President of the Chess Club, featuring Amanda Spring from Point Juncture WA
7. Ortolan, featuring Myshkin
8. Missing Awhile, featuring Corrina Repp from Tu Fawning
9. Awake When I’m Sleeping, featuring Audie Darling
10. No One Gives Their Heart Away, featuring Laura Gibson

Bad Company: Live at Wembley (Blu-Ray)

There are a number of different live show reviews that are released on a regular basis. However, many of these concert videos are seriously lacking something. This is not the case with the Blu-Ray edition of Bad Company’s Live at Wembley release. The release provides ample value with stellar shots and a perfect blend of tracks from all periods of the band’s existence. These sixteen tracks tie up “Feel Like Makin’ Love” with “Honey Child”, “Shooting Star”, and even “Deal With The Preacher”.

The footage is bolstered through smart camera placement. Whenever a virtuosic line (be it bass, drums, vocals, or guitar) begins, the camera is already there. What results with this release is something that approximates actually being at the show – the vibrant colors, strong recording, and immersive aspect of this release far outstrips other similar types of releases.

The additional feature present on this release – an interview with Bad Company themselves – provides further context for a band that was creating music before many of their fans were even born. I would like to see similar releases for Bad Company and other acts of a similar ilk. By doing this, one can see (and hear) a side to a great number of acts that may only have been able to show a studio side before. Eagle Rock has made a solid combination in the Live at Wembley release, one that any fan of the band should actively search out and purchase. I can guarantee that there will be a number of repeat views as the days, months, and years pass.

Rating: 8.1/10

Bad Company: Live at Wembley (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Eagle Rock /