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Betancourt has a tremendous value present in their Phosflex. Where many of the creatine products on the market come in smaller packages, the Betancourt Phosflex comes in a 2.5 pound tub. Betancourt presents this creatine product alongside a number of additional compounds, all that will increase muscle gains, overall fitness, and will bring individuals to break their plateaus and see some serious gains. This means that there is Corosolic Acid to increase Insulin receptors, materials to increase bone and joint health, and even L-Leucine Nitrate to ratchet up the amount of protein that one makes during and after a workout.

The miscibility of the Phosflex is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen; while there are a great number of pre-workouts that end up clumped in my shaker, just a few swishes around with the Phosflex and everything had dissolved. Our experience with the Phosflex is that we were able to end all four of our sets on weight training day with additional energy. While I would normally fail out on the last set, I was able to complete a great many of my exercises (both arms/chest and legs/abs) 5 or 10 pounds up from where I was normally at.

A bottle of the Betancourt Phosflex can be had for around $40, which represents tremendous value. With two great flavors – Watermelon and Fruit Punch – there is no reason that individuals should not search out a bottle of Phosflex and see exactly what sorts of benefits one can see from the product. The product may have only been out since May, but this bleeding-edge take on a pre-workout will deservedly become the new hotness just as soon as individuals are able to familiarize themselves with it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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