MRM Meta-Burn XTP (Fat Burner / Weight Loss )

Pretty much any company has a fat burner or other metabolic-based energy pill on the market. There is a substantial amount of variation to be had with the supplements, both in terms of composition and of quality. We were able to review MRM’s Reload a few months back, and the quality of that product gave us high hopes for their Meta-Burn XTP. The product starts out with a decent chunk of caffeine, but contains Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Theobromine, and Tyrosine to keep the energy level high.

The use of EGCG in the Meta-Burn XTP ensures that the fat burning aspect of the pill continues through the day, while the amount of other minerals (Iodine, Phosphorus, Niacin and Calcium) keep a body stable. The methylxanthines that are used in the Meta-Burn XTP give purchasers the added energy to truly finish up a worjkout at a level that one is happy with. Where many workout supplements (and energy pills) taper off after a busy workout, there is no sense that the Meta-Burn XTP is going to peter out. Rather, there is a controlled energy that lasts long after a workout, ensuring that individuals will be able to accurately complete all work (workouts, school work, or the like) without any problems.

With a bottle of 90 pills retailing for $40 (a price that may be lower if one looks around the different fitness stores), there is no reason that an individual that is concerned with their level of health should not check out Meta-Burn XTP. The amount of energy that the supplement provides and the lack of crash from these pills should be enough of a ringing endorsement for someone to check out either Meta-Burn XTP or any other of MRM’s many other products.

Rating: 9.3/10

MRM Meta-Burn XTP (Fat Burner / Weight Loss ) / MRM /

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