Remy V (Brandy)

Remy Martin is a very forward type of company. In fact, by releasing this clear product, I have little doubt in my mind that all of the other cognac producers will be following Remy’s lead in the years to come. The Remy V is a clear spirit distilled from grapes, and is filtered through a cold line to be given its unique flair. The Remy V is also distinct from other products on the market, as it has a very floral and fruit flavor that moderates in some part the burn that individuals will experience. The 80 proof-mark of the Remy V ensures that this spirit will maintain its bite, no matter the format that individuals experience in. Remy has succeeded in creating a spirit that does not fall easily into any of the categories that exist – Remy V is truly a unique spirit that should be present in the liquor cabinets of all that are above 21.

There are a number of different alcoholic cocktails that can be made with the Remy V; I found myself to be a big fan of The Victor, which ties together the spirit with ginger ale and lime. Other readers of NeuFutur will like the Femme Fatale, blending together Remy V with simple syrup, rose water, lemon juice and sparkling wine. For those that prefer their spirits strong, I can vouch for the fact that Remy V works perfectly either on the rocks or done as a straight shot. I can definitely see myself sipping Remy V on the rocks as the weather continues to get colder. Make sure to buy a bottle of the Remy V; it is available at the well-stocked liquor store around you.

Rating: 9.3/10

Remy V (Brandy) / 80 Proof /

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