FRS Bottles – Orange Cream, Blackberry Acai, Peach Mango, Cherry Limeade

We were fans of FRS the last time they sent over a package, and wanted to provide readers with a review of their FRS Bottles. These bottles are available at any well-stocked c-store or gas station; we were able to find them in Sheetz, for example. We were unable to try the Wild Berry (90 calorie) version of the FRS Bottles, but feel that our experiences with the rest of the varieties comprise a solid experience with the product.

Saying that, FRS has created two sides of the Bottles line – energy and protein. The products are all tied together with the inclusion of Quercetin; the FRS Healthy Energy line will provide a number of vitamins and minerals along with a small amount of calories to keep an imbiber going, while the FRS Healthy Protein line ties together the same types of vitamins and minerals with a solid dose (25 grams) of protein. While the Peach Mango FRS drink (energy) had a solid flavor profile, I believe that the Cherry Limeade may not be what individuals expect. Rather than more of a Sonic flavor, there is a more fruit juice aspect to it. . I believe that the Healthy Protein line is slightly better than the Healthy Energy line, as there are a great many products currently on the market that can provide individuals with a solid amount of calories.

This means that the two protein-based drinks – Blackberry Acai and Orange Cream – will have individuals building up their muscles with each sip. At about $2-3 a bottle, there is no reason that one should not use the FRS Bottles line to add to their supplementation. The different flavors all are done well, and while I believe that individuals will have more use for the protein rather than the energy, I believe that FRS should continue to experiment and add flavors to both sides of the line.

Rating: 8.6/10

FRS Bottles – Orange Cream, Blackberry Acai, Peach Mango, Cherry Limeade /

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