Johnny Walker Double Black Label (Whiskey)

With each passing year, I feel that the world gets more interconnected. This spirit was previously only available at different duty-free stores, and its brisk sales since its introduction has made it smart to introduce to American markets. But why exactly has this Johnny Walker effort been the talk of the town? I contend that there is such a unique feel and flair to this spirit that even those that have not traditionally been fans of the brand’s other efforts should give it another chance.

After picking up a bottle, pour it over rocks or sip it neat – the nuanced flavor of the Double Black label will take a number of experiences before one can get a complete sense of what the company is trying to do here. There is a much more present smoke and wood flavor to the Double Black that moderates the burn present in each sip – after this burn gradually goes away, hints of grain begin to play out. Where most whiskies pride themselves on the harshness of the burn that they provide, the Johnny Walker Double Black provides imbibers with a twist. This means that with each subsequent sip, there is a sweetness that allures individuals to taking another quaff. What results in the whole of the Double Black is something that has a few of the same notes as the Johnny Walker portfolio, but ultimately changes things up for the better.

If you are a fan of scotch or of whiskey generally, the slight addition to the price of the Double Black Label over the normal Black Label should not represent any barrier to experience. Make sure to pick up a bottle of the Double Black before it cycles back off of the shelves.

Rating: 9.0/10

Johnny Walker Double Black Label (Whiskey) /

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