Old Forester

Old Forester is one of those whiskies that are likely on the shelves at every single liquor store and a great deal of the bars that are currently operating. However, there is not the same publicity present for this spirit that there is for Jack Daniels or other similar types of efforts. What results is a spirit that is simply fantastic but that few actually order when they are looking for their shots or mixed drinks. Old Forester is a solid spirit for a perfect price ($13-20 a bottle); from when one even opens a bottle of the stuff, they are met with an intricate nose that ties together wood, ash, and smoke.

Sipping said spirit will immediately impart a warmth that does not rapidly go away; Old Forester will make a believer out of those that may typically poo-poo shots or whiskies. However, there is a certain unique flavor to Old Forester that will make mixed drinks using the whiskey into a completely new andfun experience.

Two drinks shine particularly brightly when using Old Forester – a whiskey sour and a mint julep. For the whiskey sour, the Old Forester taste comes through and buries much of the overwhelming sweetness of the sour mix, while the mint julep has a much deeper and more complex taste to it than would be present with a typical well whiskey. Old Forester is good as shots, sipped, and in mixed drinks; the value of a bottle of it cannot be expressed enough. If you are a fan of whiskey or of spirits generally, make it a po9int to pick up a bottle of Old Forester on your next liquor store run. I believe that you will dig it.

Rating: 8.7/10

Old Forester / Bourbon Whiskey / 86 Proof / http://www.b-f.com

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