Phoenix (Fat Burner)

One could take a different fat burning supplement every day for a year and not have went through the sheer number of products on the market. The active ingredients that they contain, as well as what they are touted to do, vary considerably. One has to educate themselves thoroughly before purchasing a product, and I feel that Better Body Sports’ Phoenix should be seriously considered by anyone that wants to shed a few pounds.

The supplement contains a number of ingredients that are universally present in fat loss pills – Guarana, Kola Nut, Ginkgo Biloba – but only uses these as a foundation. To push the possible weight loss into the stratosphere, Better Body Sports have added esoteric ingredients like Dong Quai, White Willow Bark and Phenylethylamine. What results then is a crash-free energy that will allow individuals to work out, study, or go through a shift without hitting the wall – one will not get jittery or overly anxious when they take Phoenix, even as a daily supplement.

Better Body Sports recommends that one uses two capsules a day, ensuring that it is much more difficult to forget to properly supplement. Phoenix curbs appetite, provides more than ample energy, and does not sideline those who take it with additional fatigue or any other previously unforeseen side effects. I used Phoenix on and off of workout days, and I felt that it provides a significant benefit over other products on the market. One can purchase Phoenix from Better Body Sports’ website (linked above); if you are running low on any other supplement, check out the bulk of their product line. If they are any bit as strong as Phoenix, I would have to give my unqualified support for them.

Rating: 9.1/10

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