Tranquility Foaming Bath Salt

Bath salts can be a very inexpensive thing; I know of a number of dollar stores that have some sort of bath soak or salt. However, the quality of these products is incredibly low, and one would have a better time just sitting in lukewarm bath water. However, there are some companies that are creating bath salts that will ensure the most luxurious and fun baths out there. One of the oldest of these is the San Francisco Salt Company, which seem to have more products than I do words in this review.

They were gracious enough to provide us with a sample of their Tranquility Foaming Bath Salt, which can be bought for about $9.00 a pound. Only a pinch of the foaming bath salt is needed, which stretches out the pound of material to about 20 or 30 baths. The smell and foaming action does not have a comparison; there is a nuanced fragrance profile that will have individuals picking out smells every time they take a bath – the company links together Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang and Lavender.

The foaming action is vigorous and does not immediately dissipate. I believe that anyone that takes baths on a regular basis would appreciate the Tranquility Foaming Bath Salt as a holiday or birthday gift; even if they are not a fan of the different fragrances that are present here, the San Francisco Salt Company has something for them. At a low price and a high amount of baths to be had, the Tranquility Foaming Bath Salt is simply delightful. Check out the San Francisco Salt Company’s store at the above link.

Rating: 8.0/10

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