3Z Supplement Review

There are a number of issues with the sleep aids that are available in drug stores. First off, they are price prohibitive. Secondly, they may provide sleep but at a major cost – I personally always feel like a bear the next day after taking them. However, AI Sports Nutrition has released a sleep aid that will ensure restful and fulfilling sleep without the drawbacks that I just described. 3Z is a blend of herbs and minerals that have been shown in previous literature to be effective in inducing sleep.

Valerian, passion flower, zinc, magnesium, and magnolia are key of these compounds, but I would point towards Bacopa and Bioperene as two of the more interesting inclusions. These compounds are at the cutting edge of sleep research, and AI Sports has ensured that their effect has been proven in clinical studies. The sleep afforded by 3Z comes on at a decent clip, allowing an individual to complete their night and drift off to dreamland. While 3Z is marketed as a sleep aid, the presence of magnesium, copper, and zinc will increase an individual’s overall level of health.

If one is a big fan of working out at nighttime, I would strongly suggest picking up a bottle of 3Z. This works to remove the post-workout jitters and restlessness that is normally present after a good, long workout. The $34.99 price tag for a bottle of these (constituting a full 30 servings) is extremely affordable, especially for those individuals that would lose out on workouts due to a lack of proper sleep. Check out the AI Sports Nutrition website for more information about each of the compounds in 3Z, as well as for their lengthy list of products.

Rating: 9.0/10

3Z / Sleep Aid / http://www.aisportsnutrition.com/mstore/

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